Tree Replacement

Tree collage

 The removal and replacement of the Village's Parkway trees affected by EAB is a continuous project for the Public Works Department. Spring and Fall Tree Replacement Programs have been set in place (as funding is available) to give the resident options on what they would like on the parkway. Residents who will be part of a Replacement Program receive an application with the available options that they must return to the Public Works Office by the due date. 

 While the Village won't be able to fill all requests, it is our goal to do so whenever possible. However your request may be turned down because:

  • Overhead/underground utilities in the area may require clear space or low growing trees.
  • Spacing may not be sufficient. Village policy is not to plant a tree within 50 feet of any other tree.
  • There may not be enough species diversity in the area. To help stop the spread of disease, the Village works to ensure that no more than five percent of parkway trees are the same type.  

 Please contact the Public Works Department  at 847-546-8752 if you have any questions regarding the Tree Replacement Program.