Snow and Ice Control

Snow and Ice Removal Program
The Snow and Ice Control Program was established to combat winter storms while maintaining public safety and preventing damage to life and property. Public Works Department is responsible for carrying out snow and ice control operations on Village streets and parking lots. Police Department helps monitor the pavement conditions between the hours of 3:30pm to 7:00am and notifying Public Works Department as snow and ice conditions develop.

Round Lake Beach Snow Plow Route Maps (adjustments are made depending on the storm event).

RLB Snow Salting Routes

RLB Snow Plow Routes

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When is Parking Prohibited?

Sec. 5-3-1. - Parking restrictions.

 On any street within the village limits at any time after snow begins to fall and for a period of eight hours after snow stops falling when the snow on the streets exceeds two inches in depth, or until snow removal operations are completed.

No parking 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.:
No person shall park a vehicle on any street in the village between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on any day, with the following exceptions: 

Do I have to shovel the snow off my sidewalk in front of my house?
The Village encourages residents to clear the public sidewalks adjacent to their properties in the interest of public safety. 

Why is snow piled on my corner?
Snow that accumulates across the side road at the street corner needs to be pushed back onto the corner. This is done to properly clear the street radius and allow cars to turn. The snowplow driver typically pushes snow back onto the corner in the direction the truck is traveling. This is why a particular corner may get more snow on it than another. It is not practical to require that the large snowplow truck attempt to maneuver around the intersection to equally distribute snow on opposite corners. This is difficult to accomplish and is also time-consuming during significant snowstorms.

Why is snow always left at the end of my driveway?
 Despite popular opinion, crews do not place snow in driveways on purpose. There is no practical way for the snow plow operator to cut off the windrow of snow when crossing a driveway. This problem is especially acute in cul-de-sacs because this is a very confined space. Cul-de-sacs require that all of the snow that is on the roadway within that confined space be placed along the outside of the circle. The problem is compounded by the fact that each homeowner then must clear their driveway, which places large piles on the corners of the drives.
One thing you can do to reduce the amount of snow that is plowed in front of your driveway is to place as much of the snow as possible to the left side of your drive, (as you face the house). This reduces the chance of snow previously removed from the driveway being pushed back onto your drive. This suggestion, however, may not work in cul-de-sacs that have driveway openings placed close together.
Service Priorities
 The Village of Round Lake Beach has a number of State of Illinois and Lake County arterial highways. The routes identified below, are NOT the responsibility of the Village:
State of Illinois (IDOT)
IL Route 83 
Lake County (Division of Transportation)
• Fairfield Road
• Rollins Road 
• Cedar lake Road
• Monaville Road
What can I do to help?
 One major problem that works against snow removal operations is people shoveling or blowing snow back onto the street after it has been plowed and salted. Snow that has been deposited onto the street could refreeze and cause a hazardous condition for you or your neighbors. Please place the snow that you shovel off of your driveway and sidewalk onto the adjacent parkway and not back onto the street.
Check that your mailbox and post are in good repair and that they are behind the curb, not leaning out over the street.
If there is a fire hydrant in front of your home, please try to clear the snow around the hydrant. It is there for your protection and that of your neighbors.