Development Goals

The purpose of sensible growth is to ensure the long-term vitality of the village. The village's planning efforts over the recent years have developed a set of goals and objectives for future development. Listed below is a brief summary of each.

Support the Viability of a Village Centre 

  • Increase the use of the area including Village Hall, the Metra Station, Post Office, Hook Lake, and the Cultural and Civic Center.
  • Increase community activities in the area, i.e., tree lighting ceremony, BeachFest, fireworks, and more.
Encourage the Economic Vitality of the Commercial Corridors 
  • Increase the number of commercial and retail establishments.
  • Assure satisfactory access and parking for customers.
  • Increase awareness of the Rollins Road Retail Corridor and the Route 83 Commercial Corridor as commercial centers for the area.
  • Upgrade the quality and appearance of new buildings in key commercial corridors.
Provide Safe, Efficient & Effective Infrastructure to Serve the Area 
  • Reduce congestion on the roadways through village, county, and state roadway improvements.
  • Increase pedestrian accessibility between residential and commercial / retail areas.
  • Improve access to recreational and cultural amenities including beach, bicycle paths, parks, and events at the village's Cultural and Civic Center.